American Heart Association and American Stroke Association Branding Logos

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When to use an EPS, PNG or JPG File

To ensure our signature is legible and at the appropriate resolution and format, we have included 3 options in each logo package. The format of choice should retain the color quality and contrast. JPG and PNG formats are meant for web transmission and use. The difference between the two are, JPG has a background which is usually white and a PNG background is transparent. PNG’s are perfect for using in PowerPoint presentations and should never be increased in size. EPS files are lossless file formats and are meant to increase in size without any pixalation or distortion. We prefer the use of EPS over JPG in any print publication including advertisements. A PNG should never be used in printing.

Master Brand Guidelines

Please review and familiarize yourself with the American Heart Association's Master Brand Guidelines.

Program & Event Logos

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Visit this page to view and download the various Program and Event logos.

Life is Why Image Library

Visit this page to view and download "Life is Why" branding images from the AHA Image Library.